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Hold multilingual business meetings or conversations without missing a single detail, safe in the knowledge that you can make the best decision in every situation.

Sometimes our clients need a more immediate form of translation, for example for a multilingual business meeting, an international conference or any other kind of event involving two or more parties who are unable to communicate in the same language. In such event, you need an interpreter. Interpreting is a very different skill in relation to the translation of texts; it requires thorough concentration and the ability to simultaneously listen to and translate speech, and then reproduce it in the language of the audience. Our skilled interpreters are dedicated to ensuring that you completely understand your business and personal conversations as they unfold and without missing a single detail, allowing you to make the best decisions with confidence in every situation.

What's included?

Simultaneous interpreting

One of our skilled interpreters translates speech while the speaker is talking so that you can understand what’s being said in real time.

Consecutive interpreting

The speaker talks for a brief period before pausing to allow our interpreter to reproduce what was said in the target language.

Whispered interpreting

One of our interpreters quietly translates for you personally.
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