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Sometimes translation is only one part of the process of creating engaging content. Amado offers DTP services to get your materials looking professional and ready for print.

While our clients most frequently ask us to simply translate the content of their documents, we’re certainly more than happy to go beyond that: we also offer Desktop Publishing services. Whether you’re in the process of trying to decide on the overall look of your content or you feel that your existing materials might be in need of an overhaul, our DTP team are accomplished at creating visually compelling layouts that will engage your intended audience, complement the message that you are trying to convey and produce the results you want. Get in touch with us to ask about our layout design services, and we’ll work with you to produce designs that meet your requirements and will benefit your business.

What's included?

Document layout design

We create or rework the layout of your documents according to your preference.

Preparation for printing

We alter or redesign the layout of your documents and adapt them to specific parameters in order to prepare them for print.


Optical Character Recognition means taking scanned and uneditable text files and running them through specialist software in order to convert them into editable text for translation or review.
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